These Machine-Washable Rugs Are the Answer to Life's Messes

If you are looking to make a serious statement with your floor, consider investing in a rug. The right rug can pull the look of a room together and add comfort and style to any home. While rugs have the power to pull a room together, cleaning them can be a hassle at times. To curb costs on needing a professional to rescue you from life's messes, investing in a machine washable rug will save you time and money. Your rug has to see you through your best dinner parties, movie nights, pets, kids—you name it! So it's officially time to snag a rug that can be tossed in the washing machine. Yes, they are life-changing. Your curious pet won't stand a chance, no matter how determined they seem to ruin it! Seriously, imagine a world in which you spill something on your rug and can just blot the stain, pick it up, pop it in the wash on a gentle cycle, and hang it out to dry, all stress-free.'